Yesterday I was not able to write everything.
Today I shall continue.

Calrad was the unitor of Calradia. After his reign, his son became king and 5 giant earthquakes hit the earth. Luckily, there were no deaths, however, the world was split up once again, as the King could not keep control of Calradia. People were scared, cities were destroyed, and Calradias pride, Zendar, was gone. Nothing of it was left, just gone. It is said it sinked into the sea, but thats just a legend.
Then, the Nords of the Aurora from the north, the Sarradin Sultanate  from the deserts, the Khergit Khanate from the plains, the Rhodok Council from the mountains, the Vaegir Federation of the tundra and the Holy Swadian Empire of the Heartlands tried to gain the throne. And there were small factions.
Nowadays the smaller factions are either conquered, or willingly joined the others.

As I am not obliged to join any faction, they are not my enemy or ally.

But, as of now, that will change. I am Arkanite the Second. And I will reconquer Calradia in name of my ancestor and Calrad. May luck be on my side.


If you are reading this, and you are not me, Arkanite, then I am probally dead.
If so, then I will start this journal (or diary, whatever you want) with a small autobiography.

I am Arkanite. Descended fom my ancestor who I was named after, Arkanite. From what I was told, we share the same face, but that does not matter. I am Arkanite II, Arkanite the Second in the names of Calradian nobles, but I just name myself Arkanite. No need for fancy titles.

My family lived in a small village, but we were nobles, as being descended from Arkanite, one of Calrad's most trusted vassals, is something not many could say, as infertility is common in the bloodline, and if we are fertile, we do not have many children. But that is irrelevant. The small village was located on... Well, it was long ago, and I think it is named Veluca? Well, it was named different back in the day, that's for sure. And smaller.

My father was constantly split up between the Khergits and the Rhodoks when many "Claimants to the Calradian throne" arose. All of Calrad's descendants were dead. Or so they think. Suprises are in every corner you did not inspect. Those "claimants" all gained supporters, and many soldiers fought for them. They were, the Swadians, the Rhodoks, the Khergit Khanate, Sarranid Sultanate, and the Nords. Oh, and Vaegirs. Everybody forgets about them.

But, do you even know what happened, who Calrad was, or why the lands split up?
Let me tell you. But not today. Tomorrow I will return, and tell more.